Thursday, March 14, 2019


Saluda Shoals River Center


Inform, Inspire & Increase


Be informed with the ever-changing trends in the marketplace.  Gain industry knowledge for increased leverage in reaching the people you serve.


Be inspired to create momentum, make an intentional impact, and fulfill your purpose in the marketplace.  Gather with like-minded business owners to collaborate, create and connect.


Increase your reach with business visibility & credibility through connection with community.  Promote and share your products or services to generate opportunities.

Exhibitor Sponsorship Range from $200- $5,000


Attend as an Exhibitor

Are you a business or organization that wants to share products or services with the community?  There is no better way to grow your visibility than by being in front of people who need your product or service.  It’s one of the BEST ways to get the word out, market to your ideal customers and let them get to know YOU!

  • Increase Your Visibility & Credibility
  • Gain Brand Awareness
  • Promote & Share Products or Services
  • Generate Numerous Opportunities
  • Gather Quality Leads

Share Your Business Strategies and Ideas


Attend as a Workshop Presenter

Do you have something unique to share with the marketplace?  Be a workshop presenter and bring your business strategies and ideas that Inform, Inspire and Increase others in the marketplace.  Taking applications now.  

  • Unique Impact with Business Strategies, Innovation & Practical Application
  • Introduce Company Brand & Service
  • Increase Leverage with Multiplied Time & Energy
  • Mindshare Information, Inspiration & ways to Increase with Target Market

Workshops are FREE!

New Workshops To Be Announced Soon!

Attend a Workshop

It’s FREE!  Register to attend so you can be Informed, Inspired & Increase in doing more of what you enjoy with your business.  You do not want to miss out!

  • Learn Industry Knowledge and New Innovation from the best!
  • Walk away with Practical Application for your needs!
  • Connect to Pioneers & Peers in the Marketplace & Ministry
  • Seats limited, so Reserve your Spot by Registering!

It's FREE Don't Miss Out!


Register to Attend

It’s FREE!  Want to come to peruse the isles of exhibitors or hear some of the best leaders speak in our community?  Then make sure you Register to attend!  You’ll get the Expo freebies such as the CBE Tote and Magazine, along with business participants discounts, coupons and giveaways!

  • Gain Awareness of Who is in our area Marketplace
  • Invest Time being Informed, Inspired and Increase YOUR leverage in the Marketplace
  • Enjoy Connecting, Collaborating & being a part of Community
  • See how Marketplace & Ministry can come together as One.
  • Receive our Free Gift to you at the door when you Register!

Would you like to Volunteer

the day of the Expo?

Are you an aspiring business owner and want a first hand look to behind the scenes?  Or maybe you want to serve the marketplace as part of your ministry?  This is a great opportunity to connect with others and have a fun time serving together on a team!  Volunteers will receive a free CBE t-shirt, lunch and snacks! 

Shifts are from 7-12pm and 12-5pm the day of Expo.  Must be available for a mandatory video conference the week prior. 


Sign up today and we’ll be in contact to get you connected to the right team!

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About Us

The heart of the Christian Business Expo is to create a community of christian business owners bringing ministry and marketplace together. 

Oct. 13 — 11:12 PM

Victoria Mithal

How to give your brand a voice

It’s a time to be a “City on a Hill”, and shine brightly together.

It’s a place to link arms, share innovation, promote progress and foster unity as we fulfill the plans and purposes God has given each of us.

Won’t you join us?

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