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  • Learn Industry Knowledge and New Innovation from the best!
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Be informed with the ever-changing trends in the marketplace.  Gain industry knowledge for increased leverage in reaching the people you serve.


Be inspired to create momentum, make an intentional impact, and fulfill your purpose in the marketplace.  Gather with like-minded business owners to collaborate, create and connect.


Increase your reach with business visibility & credibility through connection with community.  Promote and share your products or services to generate opportunities.

Exhibitor Packages Range from $200-$5000

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Would you like to share what you do with the community?  There is no better way to grow your visibility than by being in front of people who need your product or service.  It’s one of the BEST ways to get the word out, market to your ideal customers and let them get to know YOU!

  • Increase Your Visibility & Credibility
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Promote & Share Products or Services
  • Generate Numerous Opportunities
  • Gather Quality Leads
  • Connect, Collaborate & Create Referral Partners

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Would you like to Host a Workshop?

The CBE is always looking for Presenters to bring business principles, strategies and services that help others stay Informed, Inspired and Increase leverage in the marketplace.  2020 CBE Host Packages to be Announced Soon!

  • Educate and Share Strategies with Practical Application
  • Open Time for Q&A
  • Make a Unique Impact with the Business Community
  • Introduce Company Brand & Service
  • Increase Leverage with Multiplied Time & Energy
  • Mindshare Information, Inspiration & ways to Increase in the Marketplace

About Us

The heart of the Christian Business Expo is to create a community of christian business owners bringing ministry and marketplace together. 

Oct. 13 — 11:12 PM

Victoria Mithal

How to give your brand a voice

It’s a time to be a “City on a Hill”, and shine brightly together.

It’s a place to link arms, share innovation, promote progress and foster unity as we fulfill the plans and purposes God has given each of us.

Won’t you join us?

Workshop Content and Presenters

Room 1

10:00am Why Great Marketing May Not Grow Your Business (or Nonprofit) & What You Can Do About It

Presented by Ken Breivik, Owner of Nehemiah Communications

Advance your business by learning a number of key issues related to marketing:

If you want to grow, before spending your next marketing dollar make sure you have the other needed pieces to turn your marketing into growth.

11:00am How to Improve Communication & Increase Engagement

Presented by Jenn Williams, Certified Coach & DISC Consultant of Compel Coaching, LLC

Learn the various communication styles and body languages to break down the barriers from everyday conversations. Grow as an individual, team, or organization by gaining awareness through the use of DISC, and enhance customer, client and colleague engagement.

12:00pm 2019 Social Media Trends that Matter to Small Businesses

Presented by Tony Snipes, HIS Radio Underwriting & Digital Specialist

The Digital and Social Media landscape literally changes every day. This workshop will help you discover what trends you need to pay attention to for your business…and what you can table for another time.  Backed by reliable, easy to understand research and presented in a manner that is relevant and easy to apply, this workshop will help keep your business from being ignored.

1:00pm Get it Write!

Presented by Anna Edmonds, Editor and Owner of 2 Red Pens

The quality of your written communications is a direct reflection of your business. Learn the importance of correct English grammar and punctuation in your marketing materials, website, emails and more. A professional copywriter's tips and tricks of the trade for writing in both digital and print communications. This is not an English class and there won't be a test afterward!

2:00pm Learn SEO Without Spending Money

Presented by David Tanner, Owner of Midlands Christian Business Directory

Learn how to optimize your website and online presence to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Topics covered include:

  •  Importance of Content
  • Use of Backlinks
  • Social Media Presence
  • Keywords and your Website

3:00pm Small Business Accounting: In the Beginning and as you Grow

Presented by Elizabeth B. Gierhart, CPA/PFS  CFP® CTC for Small Business Accounting, Tax Planning & Financial Services 

This workshop includes discussions on business setup, entity selection pros and cons and other things to consider as you get started. Financing options, employee versus independent contractor, owner compensation and other topics will assist you in growing your business.

Room 2

10:00am Collaborative Communities: Stronger Together

Presented by Alecia Klauk, Executive Director of We Care Center

Gain inside knowledge on how agencies, churches, businesses, schools, civic groups, government offices and individuals work together to accomplish as much capacity as possible to serve clients well by providing means through sponsorships, funding and grants. Learn who to speak with and establish solid relationships in being a collaborative community.

11:00am A Grounded Faith ~ Greater Trust Means Fewer Fears

Presented by Melanie Shull, Owner & Editor of Living Real Magazine

Whether your business is labeled a Christian business, or if you are a Christian who owns a business, faith walking in obedience with Christ and trusting Him to equip you with what you need, to do what you were created to do is essential. Taking time to reflect on how God has and is affirming His call on your life is priceless, especially when discouragement, disappointment, and doubt start to cloud your mind. But the most important asset in leading as a Christian is remaining grounded in faith by abiding in God's Word no matter what.

12:00pm How to KNOW the calling God has for your life....and ANSWER it!

Presented by Ashley Weston, Artist & Owner of Hidden Truth Jewelry

Do you have a burning passion to do something amazing for the Lord? Do you feel God nudging you in a direction, but you're not sure what to do next? Do you ever wonder if there is more out there for you?  Join Ashley Weston of Hidden Truth Jewelry in her journey of faith to see how God called her, and how YOU too can step out in faith and see the deep desires of your heart met as you step out in FAITH and ANSWER that call!

1:00pm How to Use Marketing Automation to Accelerate Business Growth

Presented by Shawn Sommerkamp, Executive Coach of Motivationeer Christian Coaching

Focus in on the power of inbound marketing.  Learn practical insights on the buyer's journey so you can sell your products and services, effectively and predictably, with automation.  Learn tips to gain social media exposure with calls to action that work.  Walk away with a clear template and next steps to reach an engaged audience through automating systems.

2:00pm What You Don’t Know Can Bite You: Hidden Liability Issues for Small Business Owners

Presented by Carl Cease, Owner of The Covenant Group, Inc.

Did you know your businesses’ prized Facebook page or Twitter account could be your worst enemy? Or that your employees might not be looking out for your best interests?  Small business owners face challenges, and in this discussion, we’ll cover some that are hidden – but can cause serious problems.

This is a fast-paced presentation, with door prizes to brighten up what can be a frightening topic!


3:00pm God’s Purpose for Business

Presented by John B. Duncan, Ph.D., North Greenville University, Dean for College of Business & Entrepreneurship

Through the Cultural Mandate, God gave humans the responsibility of working together to develop cultures and build civilizations.  To accomplish His intentions, God intended for humans, created in His image, to be engaged in business even before the fall of man. This presentation examines God's original intent for humans to work together in organizations and how we should conduct business in a fallen world.

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